Marion Civic Indiana

As far as commercial video production is concerned, it mostly tends to be the same. Therefore, if you are looking for an extraordinary experience then you might want to step in to the Marion Civic Theatre in Indiana. This is not just any other theatre because it has a rich history and is known for putting up very interesting and entertaining shows. The theatre puts up shows all year round, with the themes changing as per the trends or season. For instance, during the holiday season, the theatre offers plays with Christmas theme, like A Christmas Story. The cast of such plays are local actors who have a passion for acting.

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Run by a board of efficient directors, the Marion Civic Theatre is one of the most successful theatres in Indiana. Most of its shows or plays end up being housefull hits. This theatre also goes by the name of James Dean Memorial Theatre. It offers a wide range of theatrical experiences and has been around for more than six decades, glorifying the Marion community all the while. Most of the productions from this popular theatre were an instant hit some examples would be The Secret Garden, Oliver, Mr. Fancy, Fiddler on the Roof, Goodbye, etc.

 The ticket prices charged are also very economical or easy on the pocket. For adults, the ticket price for plays is USD 12 whereas in case of musicals it is USD 15. For youth, i.e. children under twelve years of age, the ticket charge is only USD 10 for plays and USD 12 for musicals. One can purchase the tickets online from its official website or on location. The ticket counter opens forty five minutes prior to the show timing and depending upon the availability, one can purchase the tickets. For those purchasing online, an email confirmation will be sent and the tickets for the corresponding confirmations can be collected when the doors of the ticket counter opens. All in all, the ticket purchasing procedure is quite simple, straightforward and convenient.

The Marion Civic Theatre has had great directors directing plays and productions in its premises in the past. Some of the notable names would be Jean Rosen, of the Nunsense Rumors fame, Danny Losure of the Wait Until Dark fame, Julia Smith of the Daddy's Girl fame, etc. The theatre, however, does not believe in resting on its laurels and it continues to put up great musicals, shows and plays that would put the ones from commercial video production to shame! Thus, the theatre definitely has a bright future thanks to the steady flow of directors, patrons and talented actors.

 The theatre strongly believes in the power of theatrical arts, therefore it continues to ensure that it churns out only great quality shows to the community for years to come. The theatre offers a mix of new trendy favourites as well as classic shows, thus offering variety to the community. In fact the shows of this theatre is so popular that even tourists visiting this city tends to have a stopover at the Marion Civic Theatre to enjoy a show or two!